Our Foodservice Packaging

We deliver our gelato & sorbet in a variety of sizes. Our packaging gives customers the flexibility to maximize flavor choices as well as decorative display options.

Emporio del Gelato | 2.5 Quart Wholesale Container


Our 2.5 Quart containers are ideal for smaller restaurants, or restaurants looking to maximize flavor variety on their menu.

Emporio del Gelato | 5 Liter Wholesale Container


Our 5 Liter containers are our most popular, offering customers flavor variety as well as easy storage for a high volume establishment.

Emporio del Gelato | Decorated 6 Liter Wholesale Container


The Decorated 6 Liter containers are perfect for showroom & custom gelato displays. We deliver artfully presented gelato, ready to serve.

Emporio del Gelato | 2 Gallon Wholesale Container


Perfect for large restaurants, hotels and banquet/catering halls, our 2.5 Gallon containers deliver homemade desserts to any size party.

make it custom!

Customize your gelato! All of our flavors are available for customization and alternate packaging sizes. Contact us for more information!

we deliver!

Restocking is easy. Schedule your delivery at your business' convenience.